Sweet Cheeks

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Sweet Cheeks
Sweet Cheeks

Solid Moisturizer & Fragrance

This solid moisturizing bar is packed with plant based ingredients that will sooth your tired, dry skin. Ethically sourced micas and biodegradable glitters leave a subtle shimmer on your skin. Lilac and Gardenia Essential Oils leave a romantic floral fragrance. 

Use this product after a warm shower/bath or on warm skin. The heat from your body will activate the ingredients to start melting into your skin so you can glide the bar over your skin and soak up the moisturizers and fragrance. 

This product does leave a subtle pink tint to the skin so be mindful of where you rub this sweet heart! It makes for a great blush and lip color! Be as creative and whimsical as you like with Sweet Cheeks! 

 Ingredients: cocoa butter, candeilla wax, sunflower wax, lauryl laurate (plant based/vegan) grape seed oil, coconut oil, dried rose petals, lilac & gardenia essential oils, mica powders.