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Gonzo Subscription Box

**4 Seasonal Boxes released yearly

Sign up for yearly subscription for $120 (subscription valued at $160)

or purchase individually for $40

Yule Subscription Box 

The Yule Box includes products from the Winter Collection including one of the sea shell soy wax candles not available online. 

A collection of hand blended plant based cosmetics, skincare, home goods and witchery inspired by Celestial Beauties, Mother Nature, Ancient Goddesses, and Modern Witches.


Box Includes:

* 4oz jar Diana Salt Bath

* Travel size Yule lotion

* 15ml bottle Herb Witch face & body oil

* Ancient Queen lipstick

* 26mm pan eyeshadow- espresso 

* Yule Candle- sea shell with soy wax, pine & clary sage essential oils